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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the One-Time Financial Plan take?

In general, it takes about three to four weeks to complete the One-Time financial plan process.

Is there a continuous partnership option?

Yes. After a client completes the One-Time Financial Plan, Mike will discuss the options for a continuous relationship. All clients complete the One-Time Financial Plan; then, a joint decision is made as to whether a continuous relationship makes sense.

Is there an asset and/or income minimum for the continuous partnership option?

Yes. Clients must either have an income of at least $300,000 or at least $500,000 in assets under management.

What are the fees?

The price of the One-Time Financial Plan is $1,500 with no strings attached. $750 is paid before the data gathering meeting and $750 is paid after the One-Time Financial Plan is delivered. 5% of these proceeds can go to a Pelotonia rider of your choice to support Cancer research.

The fee schedule for a continued partnership starts out at 1.00% of assets under management (i.e. liquid investment accounts such as brokerage accounts, Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, 401(k)’s, etc.).  For those with less than $450,000 of assets under management, the price is $375 per month.

Are you a Fiduciary?

Yes, Caligiuri Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor operating in a Fiduciary capacity. This means that we are legally obligated to provide advice in your best interest.

Does the continuous partnership option include management of my investments?

Yes, the continuous partnership option includes management of your investments. You would have full access to your investment accounts (including online login credentials) via and online brokerage (e.g. Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Betterment), and your advisor would have the ability to manage the accounts on your behalf through.

Do you give advice relating to backdoor Roth IRAs?

Yes, advice pertaining to backdoor Roth IRAs will be included in the One-Time Financial Plan.

Do you provide advice relating to pensions, 401(a)’s, 403(B)’s, 457(b)’s, and 415(m)’s?

Yes. Because we specialize in serving physicians, it is routine for us to provide guidance relating to these government/non-profit retirement plans.

Will you provide advice on whether I should rollover/consolidate old retirement plans?

Yes. Many of our clients have old retirement accounts from previous employers. We can help you understand whether or not it make sense to leave these plans as is, roll them over into an IRA/Roth IRA, or roll them over into a new retirement plan.

Can you help me obtain own occupation individual disability insurance?

Yes. A vast majority of our physician clients have own occupation individual disability insurance. Caligiuri Financial can help you determine how much individual disability insurance to obtain and which insurance carrier to purchase it from.

Should I utilize a physician loan or a conventional loan?

We can provide guidance in the One-Time Financial Plan. Caligiuri Financial has relationships with several physician loan officers at different banks. Not only can we recommend which loan makes sense, but we can connect you with the right person.

Should I accelerate debt payments or save more money into investments accounts?

Although this is a simple question, there is generally not a simple answer. Every client’s situation is different. In particular, we will look at your cash flow forecast to determine how much debt you can afford to pay off while maintaining ample liquidity. Also, this decision will depend on the interest rate on your debt, the current economic environment, and your ability to save into qualified retirement accounts.

Do you provide advice regarding student loans?

Yes, this is included in the One-Time Financial Plan. We can refer you to a student loan expert for a complimentary consultation; then, we will review the student loan expert’s recommendation and provide our perspective. As your comprehensive financial planner, we generally have a more holistic perspective of your financial situation than a student loan expert, so a team approach is often warranted.

Will you provide advice as to how I can lower my tax bill?

Yes, this is included in the One-Time Financial Plan. In particular, we will look to see whether you are utilizing your employer-based retirement plans most appropriately, determine whether additional qualified accounts should be opened (e.g Solo 401(k), SEP-IRA, backdoor Roth IRA, etc.), and advise how you can structure your assets in the most tax efficient manner (e.g. asset location and tax-loss harvesting).

Can you set up an education savings account for my child?

Yes, this is included in the One-Time Financial Plan. In general, we recommend clients consider contributing to 529 plans; however, the amount to contribute depends on a client’s specific situation. We may also recommend clients save for education outside of 529 plans in non-qualified investment accounts (e.g. individual and/or joint accounts).

Can you help my partner and I transition from individual to joint finances?

Yes. Many of our clients come to us soon after completing their medical training. A significant percentage of these clients are in the process of getting married, purchasing a home, and trying to have children; so, we have plenty of experience helping people transition to joint/family financial situations.

Can you help me with non-investment needs such as insurance, taxes, estate planning, evaluating retirement and employee benefits, and debt management?

Yes.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Mike provides comprehensive financial planning advice relating to all areas of financial planning. 

Mike can provide warm connections to outside financial professionals such as estate planning attorneys, mortgage brokers, insurance carriers, accountants, and student loan experts to serve your needs.

What is your investment strategy?

Caligiuri Financial utilizes a “top-down” approach to investing that emphasizes asset allocation instead of individual security selection. 

Research has shown that investment performance is primarily a result of asset allocation decisions (e.g. stocks vs. bonds) as opposed to individual stock or bond selection. 

Furthermore, Caligiuri Financial believes the best way to invest in various asset classes is through low-cost, broadly diversified funds that provide exposure to thousands of different companies.

Do you provide advice on how I should invest my employer-based retirement plans?

Yes.  Mike will review the investment options within your employer’s 401(k) plan and provide an investment recommendation.